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Michiyo Kawano

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«Pensées et Matérialisations»(panta rhei
«Flower, Steam and Distance» (panta rhei)
«The Gleam of Time» (Tokyo Publishing House)
panta rhei series
«Flower (Tissue of Dream Nearing to Stillness»(Wakabayashi Studio)

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«l’estoro armonico»(panta rhei, 2023)

«Pensées et Matérialisations» (panta rhei, 2022)

«Isolated Existence»panta rhei series (2018)

«The Kite» panta rhei series (2017)

«The Formation of Poetry History» (panta rhei series 2017)

«The Gleam of Time» (Tokyo Publishing House 2012)

«Flower, Steam and Distance» (panta rhei, 2009)

Isamu Wakabayashi+Michiyo Kawano «Flower (Tissue of Dream Nearing to Stillness» limited edition of 7 copies Wakabayashi Studio 1998/ask panta rhei for buying the last one

Isamu Wakabayashi+Michiyo Kawano «Flower (Tissue of Dream Nearing to Stillness» popular edition (Gallery Ikeda Bijutsu 2000, out of print)

«spira mirabilis» (private edition=25, Shoshi Yamada popular edition=225, 1992, out of print)

«Copperplate Scenery» (Shoki-shorin 1977, out of print)

Anthology (Ryuichi Tamura and others)«New Century of Poetry——24 contemporary poets» (Shinchosha)

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«Pensées et Matérialisations»(panta rhei)

«Flower, Steam and Distance»(panta rhei 2009)

«The Gleam of Time» crystal cage (Tokyo Publishing House 2012)

«The Formation of Poetry History» panta rhei series

«The Kite» panta rhei series

«Isolated Existence» panta rhei series

Michiyo Kawano was born in Fukuoka, Japan. Producing finely honed poems fusing metaphysical and musical qualities, her poetry works have a perilous degree of perfection.
The first poetry collection «Copperplate Scenery» (1977) received praise from Japanese poets and critics, and in 1980’s the series of poems «Reminiscence and This Mortal Frame» was highly praised by Tsuguo Ando a great poet. She has stood at a decisive distance from the poetic world of Japan, which is focused on the ironic modernity of following current trends without seeking the essence of poetry in the pursuit of rhyme and rhetoric. A prize was decided to be given to «spira mirabilis» (1992) including this series of works, but she declined it.
A great Japanese sculptor Isamu Wakabayashi persuaded her to make an artist’s book combining his copperplate prints and her poems. Then the limited edition of 7 copies of «Flower (Tissue of Dream Nearing to Stillness» was published in 1998.(A popular edition was later published, but is now out of print.) The exhibition was held at Gallery Ikeda Bijutsu Tokyo in 2000. She has published more poetry collection «Flower, Steam and Distance» (panta rhei) in 2009 (Yomiuri Literary Award). This book was written with the motif of Wakabayashi’s sculptures after the death of him, creating a new poetic dimension between plastic arts and verbal arts. The prose work «The Gleam of Time» (2012) is the short essays observing small lives at her window but by her lucid eyes and extremely subtle and precise Japanese prose it becomes a poetic book of Revelation.
Since 2017, she has launched the panta rhei series of essays and critiques in booklets, and is currently publishing «The Formation of Poetry History», «The Kite» and «Isolated Existence».
In 2022, a collection of poems «Pensées et Matérialisations» was published by panta rhei.
In 2023, a collection of poems «l’estro armonico» was published by panta rhei.


『思惟とあらわれ』(panta rhei

『花・蒸気・隔たり』(panta rhei

『時の光』(Tokyo Publishing House)

 panta rhei 叢書



詩集『調和の幻想』panta rhei (2023)最新刊

詩集『思惟とあらわれ』(panta rhei 2022)

評論『孤立する存在』panta rhei 叢書

評論『凧』panta rhei 叢書(2017)

評論『詩史の形成』panta rhei 叢書(2017)

随筆集『時の光』crystal cage 叢書(東京パブリッシングハウス 2012)

詩集『花・蒸気・隔たり』(panta rhei 2009)

若林奮との詩画集・普及版『花(静止しつつある夢の組織』(ギャラリー池田美術刊 2000 絶版)

若林奮との詩画集『花(静止しつつある夢の組織』(限定7部 若林スタジオ刊 1998 /panta rhei 取扱い 1部残 ask)

詩集『spira mirabilis』(私家版=25部 普及版=書肆山田刊 1993 絶版)

詩集『銅版風景』(書紀書林刊 1977 絶版)


詩集『思惟とあらわれ』(panta rhei 2022)

詩集『花・蒸気・隔たり』(panta rhei 2009)

随筆集『時の光』crystal cage 叢書(東京パブリッシングハウス 2012)

『詩史の形成』panta rhei 叢書

『凧』panta rhei 叢書

『孤立する存在』panta rhei 叢書

1977年刊の第一詩集『銅版風景』は高い評価をもって迎えられ、その後、1986年に詩誌「るしおる」に発表された連作「回想と現身 そのほか」が安東次男に絶賛された。
韻律や修辞の追究に詩の本質を求めることなく、時流を追う皮相な現代性に重きをなす詩壇から、決定的な距離をとっている。「回想と現身」をふくむ詩集『spira mirabilis』(1993)は、ある賞の授賞決定の報を受けたが、辞退するにいたっている。
若林の死後、追悼の意を込めてその彫刻をモチーフに、『花・蒸気・隔たり』を panta rhei より刊行。言語芸術と造形芸術との間に新しい詩的次元を創出した(2009年度読売文学賞受賞)。
2017年よりエッセイや評論を小冊子に収める panta rhei 叢書を創刊し、『詩史の形成』『凧』『孤立する存在』などを刊行中。
2022年、詩集『思惟とあらわれ』を panta rhei より刊行。
2023年、詩集『調和の幻想』を panta rhei より刊行。